Surgery Locations

Our goal at Abay Neuroscience Center is to treat patients suffering from neck or back pain with non-surgical methods whenever possible. However, if it is determined that conservative methods have been exhausted, and surgery is recommended, we want to support you in preparing for surgery and improve your quality of life. We will be committed to educating you to make informed decisions about your medical care, supporting you along the entire process.

The physicians at Abay Neuroscience Center perform surgical treatments at several locations. The location is determined by your health status and insurance requirements:

Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital

Via Christi Hospital

Wesley Medical Center


To determine whether surgery is the proper treatment for you, please contact us to make an appointment with one of our physicians.

(A referral may be required from your insurance provider. You can refer to our Insurance Providers information or contact your primary care physician for additional guidance.)

Our physicians also perform surgery procedures at the Level 1 trauma centers in Wichita.