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Our Physicians

Our physicians specialize in the treatment of disorders of the brain and spine. Using the latest technology and training, our goal is to alleviate neck and back pain, restore function and improve quality of life for our patients. Our physicians are highly skilled in traditional as well as minimally invasive surgical techniques. Along with our exceptional team of nurses and staff, we are prepared to handle the most complex neurological, brain and spine issues through compassionate and comprehensive care.

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  • Ashley L. Barks, MD

    Ashley L. Barks, MD


  • John R. Dickerson, MD

    John R. Dickerson, MD

    Board-certified Neurosurgeon

  • Raymond W. Grundmeyer III, MD

    Raymond W. Grundmeyer III, MD

    Board-certified Neurosurgeon

  • Matthew N. Henry, MD

    Matthew N. Henry, MD

    Board-certified Neurosurgeon

  • Christian S. Lothes, MD

    Christian S. Lothes, MD

    Board-certified Neurosurgeon

  • James D. Weimar, MD, PhD

    James D. Weimar, MD, PhD